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That's me and my lovely wife Anne. We like coffee and long walks on the beach. No really, we do. We go on a long walk with our kids almost every evening, though not on the beach unfortunately. I also enjoy playing music, watching football, working on my house, playing basketball and golf, and hiking in Colorado. As you might have heard, I'm also a photographer.

I've always been drawn to classic film portraits of various celebrities from the 60s and 70s: Paul Newman, Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, etc. Here are two examples, Cary Grant and Julie Andrews. 

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Something about these portraits makes me feel like I'm in the middle of a conversation with them. That instant that's recorded on film captures so much of who they are that it feels like you can get to know them just by looking at their portrait. Suddenly these huge celebrities are approachable, accessible.

I love how they're not just staring straight at the camera with a huge smile. There's a sense of movement, of catching them in the middle of their lives, with a little hint of a smile that adds warmth and emotion to the image. There’s a sense of quiet confidence; they know they don’t need to have a huge, cheesy grin on their face to communicate that they’re happy. The feeling of the photograph is classy and genuine all at the same time. 

I want to create portraits that evoke the same feelings for you. Classy, but not arrogant or unapproachable. Genuine, but not cheesy or boring. It’s a delicate balance, but a fun challenge to tackle. Ultimately it reflects who I am and what I value. I want to be classy, but not arrogant or unapproachable. I want to be genuine, but not cheesy or boring. This balance also describes my perfect client! Weddings by nature are classy and elegant, and you want that to be reflected in your photographs. But we’ve all seen too many examples of people taking that too far and becoming fake and self-absorbed. You want your wedding (and your photographs) to be genuine, natural, and approachable, to reflect who you are. 

I know you’re looking for someone that'll help you feel comfortable in front of a camera. Almost everyone I work with says “I’m sorry, we don’t know what we’re doing in front of a camera, we’ve never done this before.” My message to you is the same thing I tell them: that’s totally fine! Almost no one is comfortable and experienced in front of a camera, save for fashion models (and I’ve yet to work with any of those). So all the images you see on this website are of people that felt the same way as you. Making you feel comfortable and helping you express your unique personality is one of my most important jobs as your photographer. 

One reason people tend to feel comfortable around me is that I’m really calm and laid back by nature. I’m definitely not shy or timid, but I’m not fazed by much. This is a great asset at weddings; they tend to be hectic and stressful, and yet many people have commented on my calming influence. I know you’re looking for someone who can adapt, who can produce quality photographs in any situation. Just recently I showed up at a wedding and found out that the church didn’t allow photographs in the sanctuary during the ceremony. You know, only the most important part of the day, the most important part for me to document, I can’t take any pictures except from the balcony way in the back. This could have been a disaster, but after a great conversation with the church director I convinced her to allow me to be in the sanctuary while the bride walked down the aisle and for their first kiss. I also walked all around the church and found I could shoot through windows in a side hallway next to the sanctuary. This is an extreme example, but every wedding has situations that need creative problem solving.

I hope you found yourself agreeing with my values and approach! If so I would love to grab coffee and get to know you. Use the Connect button below to get in touch with me and I’ll get back to you within one business day. Or you can just feel free to call me anytime; I always enjoy getting phone calls from new people! I can be reached at 704-763-8942. Thanks for stopping by!